Tuesday, February 7, 2012


6" X 6" Oil on Raymar panel

Available at Ben and Penny's
(on the river behind Cafe Aruzzo)
Newburgh, Indiana

Fini!  The fourth and final piece of my South of France series – I think - well, for now.  We complete our make-believe mini-vacation at a quaint shop in the Eze Village in Eze, France, overlooking the Mediterranean, near Monte Carlo.   Before going on, inhale deeply that fresh sea air – ahh – you have a glorious day ahead of you!

Not knowing what type of shop this is, its name, “Infini”, triggers our imagination to purchase a souvenir from one last boutique - of your choice!  Will you choose French-milled soaps, wine from the local vineyards, or parfum?  Oh, is that a restaurant across the street (Creme Brulee!)……and one down the street (Croquembouche)?

Choices - opportunities we take for granted.  Some come so natural, or habitual, that sometimes we don’t even realize we’re making them.

Are you, by chance, a “Greys Anatomy” fan?   This past week, they aired an unusual episode where all the normal characters had “chosen” differently years ago.  They had selected different career specialties (or drugs instead), and significant others, so that even their resulting personalities were far from the real character.   As I continued to think about it over the days following, I was reminded of a phrase from an old friend,

“Today’s choices are tomorrow’s consequences.”  Really!

Soooooo…..ahem……what are you gonna do today?  Will you step away from the security of the familiar and follow that dream?  A calling from God?   How about lay down a bad habit and start anew?  Do something special for someone?  Or maybe  change your attitude or response to something that has chosen you.   

Whatever you choose – I
 hope you have a day filled with warm sunshine,
even if you have to make your own!

And remember, the possibilities are “Infini”!

My gift to you today – hope you enjoy! 

Many thanks to Anne Heinrich, the photographer for the reference photos from which the series was painted!  

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  1. Thank you for my gift of your beautiful words, painting and video of sunrises/ sunsets..oh? it wasn't just for me? (oops, sorry, I promise to share) It is just that it felt like it was just for me because I had just read another beautiful quote about choices that goes along with your beautiful words: "You are what your deep driving desire is, As your desire, so is your will, As your will is, so is your deed, As your deed is, so is your destiny" (Upanishad)
    Cheers to you Debi, thanks for a lovely beginning to this day!