Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hold On to His Promises!

"Sunshine on a Gray Day"
5" X 7" on canvas panel
Frame available

In the Midwest, we have had our fill of cold, wind, ice, snow, sleet, and rain.  While nature does bring us some "teaser" days, we’re frequently looking at gray.  And we love to talk about it – hoping to find some comfort in the assumption that “misery loves company.”  Add to that, for some crazy reason, many of us are emotionally affected by the weather.  In our minds, it sets the tone for the day – whether it’ll be a good or bad one.  If it’s gray outside, it’s usually gray inside.  And we’re tired …… of waiting …… for the earth to get the memo that according to our calendars, spring was to have sprung March 20, 2013!  

Well, except for in my studio!!!  See, I probably tired sooner than the rest of you, so since late January, I have been painting flowers from photos or life (don’t you love how they have strategically placed the floral department at your local grocery so you walk by them as soon as you enter = lifted spirits, let’s eat!)  While all my efforts may not turn out suitable for public consumption, the “sun” truly does shine on my easel! 

You say that I’m living in denial?   Perhaps - but could it be forward thinking - of God’s promise of the seasons?  (“While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.” Gen. 8:22).  And, even if just for a few hours, I am living as if His promise is already here?

Sometimes we find ourselves in a season of life we don’t particularly like – or even hate - cuz it’s hard, or painful, or depressing.     We want out, and the waiting just sometimes seems too difficult to bear.   But what if we found a little sunshine on gray days – either in reality or in our minds?  

    What if we just picked a flower from His bouquet of faithful promises and
enjoyed it right now, as if it were ours - to claim, to hold in our own hands.
Because it is and He wants us to!

I hope you have time to enjoy this music video of Promises by Sanctus Real!  

Oh ...... and P.S......There are tulip leaves peaking out of the ground at my house!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Let Love Light Your Way!

"Let Love Light Your Way"
12" X 12" Oil on Raymar Panel
Available with accompanying gift basket thru Silent Auction
Albion Fellows Bacon Center Gala
Saturday, April 13, 2013
The Manor Auditorium, St. Mary’s Medical Center

Little Graham has a four-year-old obsession with flashlights.   He has a variety of uses for his coveted treasure – from making fun light patterns on the ceiling of his bedroom after his mom turns out the light at night, making a tent under his covers, assisting mom in finding the Easter decorations in the attic, to shining the light in his sisters’ faces – oh, the thought process of a little guy!  What power he must feel, though, to be in control of such a useful tool – one that elicits an immediate response - all at the flip of a switch that he holds in his hand!

On my recent trip to Sam’s Club,  I decided to make a “stop” before I began shopping.  As I approached the restroom, I noticed the lights were out.   I hesitated before proceeding, but decided my situation warranted it.  I had walked about five feet in when I realized how pitch black it was (no windows), heard some movement , and decided to re-think this.   So, I went back out and looked around for an “out-of-order” sign, “men working”, or possibly a hidden camera?  My eyes landed on - the light switch.  Hmmmm, I wondered.  Out of urgency, I thought, “What do I have to lose?”  So, like Graham, I flipped the switch. 

Abracadabra – as in magic, there was LIGHT!  The room was flooded with a lovely cold fluorescent light that reflected off all the other shiny, cold institutional–looking surfaces.  (I know, it’s just a public restroom!)   Elated, I entered and saw there was a woman in each and every stall.   (Honestly, what were they thinking?)  I nearly laughed out loud as one passed me on her way out – mum – as if nothing had happened.  

Are we okay with walking in the dark?  Are we so oblivious we don’t even notice?  I think of all the times I “walk in the dark”, stumbling into things to find my way  - sometimes hurting or getting hurt in the process.   Without the help of the Holy Spirit, we truly are walking in the dark, letting the bumps be our guide, and hoping we don’t fall into a pit we can’t see.  Sometimes a seemingly innocent one-time decision can cause us to slip into a black hole and lead to a lifetime of bondage, pain, and suffering.   And on the flip side (sorry, couldn’t resist) how quickly we can have hope by simply turning on the switch – asking for God’s love, direction and power to light our path.

The Word tells us that “God is Love” (1 John 4:16b), “He is the light of the world, (John 8:12),
and "He illumines our darkness”  (Psalm 18:28b)  

Let love light your way!