Saturday, April 29, 2017

Beach Memories!

"Faith and Trinity"
20" X 20" stretched linen 

Light…..color….subject matter.  This painting hit the sweet spot - that place where all things I love about painting converge and culminate in “it was my absolute joy and pleasure to paint your precious Faith and Trinity!”

When I received this commission, my natural tendency was to zoom in and focus on the sweetnesses in pink!  But mom said she wanted it cropped pretty much as it was.  And wow, did she do a great job. Her vision was for the painting to be more about family memories than simply focusing on the girls.  Memories of salty air and gentle breezes….. of sand castles and picnic lunches.   Of playing with friends Brayden, Caylee, and Bryson… their moms watched with maternal love, while sharing rare uninterrupted conversations about things that matter.  And simply rested in “beach peace” …..where troubles blow in to the ebb and flow of the gentle surf, are captured and magically carried to the deepest parts of the sea.  

When I painted this, it was about 40 degrees, gray and rainy, and troubles didn’t seem to be going anywhere in my house, so I really appreciated my emotional vacay at the beach!  What a treat!  While I was “basking in the sun”, I reflected on the smallness of two very adorable pink-clad specks against the vastness of God’s amazingly beautiful creation.  But also how, in His awesome greatness, He loves each of us “dots” unconditionally, He knows every hair on our heads, every move we make, every thought we think.  

Oh, and then there’s the  “plans He has for them, plans to prosper and not harm them, plans to give them hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11

And so…….it was my absolute joy and pleasure to paint …..God’s glory.