Saturday, September 6, 2014

Feels Like Love!!

"Feels Like Love!"
6"X6" linen panel

Hey you – unconditionally loved by God, fearfully and wonderfully made in His image, spiritually hugged and never forgotten!  Just marinate in that for awhile this beautiful September morning.  Then, if you can, go for a walk, take a deep breath, feel the refreshing cool breeze blowing against your skin and through your hair.  Can you smell even the faintest hint of autumn? 

Look at all the ways God has blessed us with a beautiful habitat.  You know the first thing I notice is flowers, but let’s ponder a bit on the not so obvious – like all the different shapes, color, and density of trees.  Or look up and take notice of the sky – is it clear blue or adorned with perfectly positioned billowy white clouds?  Look a little closer - do you see any shapes you recognize?  So much to take in - feels like love, doesn’t it?

What else in your life feels like love?  Lunch with your besties, a heartfelt apology, family get-togethers, a surprise birthday party, a new baby, a fond memory, …….. or maybe a surprise visit in the form of a little blue mason jar filled with fresh cut flowers from your daughters work shower on your kitchen island when you got up one morning?    

One of our daughters is getting married this fall, and we have been blessed with family and friends graciously hosting and attending several bridal showers.  Every event has been beautiful, thoughtful, and generously gifted.  They have looked and felt like love.  It is with humble gratitude that we express our appreciation to all.

I am so glad that God thought of that noun ….verb….emotion.  And thankfully, it is His M.O. always.  
You are loved today!

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