Thursday, March 22, 2012

IU vs. UK? "A Kentucky Prayer"

"A Kentucky Prayer"
4" X 6" original oil

Well, the big day has finally arrived.  Before the pairings even came out, there was much talk about the possibility of these two rivals meeting on their way to the coveted Final Four!  And now, it's here.  Lest I step on any toes or burn any bridges with my banter, I have to confess that 5/9's of our family are IU fans - 4/9's are UK fans.  But that's only because they're transplants.  And because you absolutely cannot live in Lexington and NOT be a UK fan - they bleed blue on game days.  It is clear one is from out of town if they are not sporting some form of Kentucky blue - or at the very least, have a flag hanging out your car window!

When dining at a restaurant in Lexington after a disappointing UK loss, my husband, the IU fan, has been known to "play" dumb, and ask the waiter if he knows who won the game - for the sole purpose of just making the poor guy have to say it.   I won't tell you what happens after that :))))

Anyway, (just had to let you know a little bit of what I deal with) I, personally, do wish each team well, BUT thought UK might just need a tad bit of help; thus, the painting above :)

Actually, that is my youngest grandson, JT, who dropped to his knees with hands together when my husband said it was time to pray before dinner.  I kid you not - it was the MOST PRECIOUS thing ever!!!  So, yeah, sure enough I irreverently interrupted the prayer to get my camera and by the time we did the "do-over", you couldn't even bribe him to get on his knees again.  Don't care - still precious.  

You know what the bible says?  Matthew 18:3  states, "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."  (I think my husband is a shoe-in, based solely on the restaurant escapade, don't you?)  

On a serious note, should we all be so respectfully ready to bow to our Lord, who saves us by grace!   

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