Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"The View"

"The View"
6" X 6" Oil on Raymar Panel
Available at Basketkases Gift Shoppe
2009 Lincoln Ave, Evansville, IN 47714
(812) 491-9799

As Nancy packed the bright pink plastic bins with her homemade chocolate chip cookies and Katie’s favorite pretzels, she desperately missed her daughter.  Shipping packages to Katie, a 29 year old single neo-natal nurse, had been difficult due to her remote location as a missionary in Africa.  A team from Crossroads Church had offered to transport this “care package” to Katie on their short-term mission trip, along with their own personal belongings.

Meanwhile, half way around the globe, Katie, an Evansville native, had committed 3 years of her young life to the physical and spiritual care and development of the Massai tribe in Narok, Kenya.  Unable to visit home, she was alone, missing her family, and anxiously awaiting the team’s arrival.

As they came in to view, she noticed that everyone was toting two blue storage bins, except for one “macho-looking young man” (in Katie's words, and, yep, that would be my son) who was carrying two pink bins with his name on them.  (Somehow, John had been assigned to the care of these ‘girly’ bins – maybe because he was the youngest?…….or because they drew straws?)  And, oh, how she appreciated that little act of kindness!   While her family hadn't been able to visit, her church family was the next best thing, and just eyeing those tubs from her mother felt like a bear hug to her!

As John saw it (and I'm pretty sure that he didn't know about the chocolate chip cookies!) - the view from his window was just a little slit in the blinds.  The gesture was such a small thing – something anyone could do…. and would do.  It didn’t take any special skill, or a lot of money – and it really didn't even inconvenience him.  (Well, maybe he did have to shrug off a few smirks from onlookers every now and then.)

However, the view from Katie’s window had a much broader expanse:

 Her view was beautiful, sunny, warm, and fragrant – 
and it smelled like home!

She saw the hands and feet of Jesus in these missionaries as they, too, answered God’s call to serve. 

What act of kindness can you perform today to change "The View"  from someone's window?

Or, if you've been a recipient, please encourage us all by sharing how you've been blessed in the Comment area below!

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  1. I'm blessed again by reading this! You have talents beyond just painting. Thank you:)