Monday, June 20, 2011

"Peach Tea or Lemonade?"
6" X 6" Oil on Raymar Panel
It's spring and the blooms on your favorite flowers (what are they?) are bursting with colors you haven't seen all winter!  There's just a slight breeze in the air and it's the first time in months that the weather has been suitable to sit outside.  Hmmm........two chairs.  One for you and one for your best friend.  And an endless afternoon ahead of you with no commitments or responsibilities.........

Back to reality!  Today begins the countdown.   Weeks of planning and painting will soon come to fruition.  I am praying for a delightful day Saturday, visiting with friends and family, and meeting new people :)  

The above painting is a sample of my 6" X 6" Art in the Park Specials.  They are priced at $75 unframed.  I had some awesome floater frames made especially for these little gems.  Painting + frame = $115!!!

Okay, as I had mentioned, there will be a "give-away" in conjunction with the Show.  It is a 6" X 6" painting of dogwood blooms.  (Scroll down a few posts and you'll find a photo - "First Breath of Spring")  You have two options to enter the drawing.  The winner will be posted here on Monday:
1)  Enter at the show by giving me your e-mail address.
2)  Enter online by subscribing to my blog.  (The subscription box is located at the top right hand side of this page.  This means you will receive an email with every new post/painting/photo.)

So you want to enter more than once?  Well, there's a couple of ways you can do that.
1)   For each person you refer that subscribes to my blog, your name will be entered!  
      (You'll have to let me know who you've referred as I don't have a way of tracking that).  
2)  For each comment you leave on my blog, your name will be entered.
3)  For posting a link on your facebook page, your name will be entered.
I'm not all that computer-savvy, so get creative - we'll work something out!

I so look forward to chatting with you Saturday!  (P.S.  Rain date is Sunday.)


  1. Just found out we are in Booth #4!

  2. Beautiful! Can't wait to see all your work on Saturday.

  3. Where is this show?

  4. The show is at the Eykamp Boy Scout Center located on the campus of State Hospital in Evansville. It is accessible via Lincoln Ave., or the Lloyd - the site is visible from the Lloyd.

  5. That is my favorite painting -- Trying to decide where it could go in my house :)