Sunday, June 26, 2011

Art in the Park Recap

A big thank you to all who came out to see us Saturday at "Art in the Park" - and a very special thank you to those that were unfortunate enough to be there at the beginning of what seemed like a downpour and helped with packing up - Jamie, of course, and her friend Janet, Becky Hostetter, Brenda and Fred White, Kathleen Boink, and my supportive husband, Rick, who was a bit under the weather that day!  Although the event was cut short for some of us (I think there were a few brave souls that waited it out), it was well attended and a successful effort.  I enjoyed talking with friends who stopped by, as well as making some new ones. I planned on taking a picture of our booth, but my good intentions were thwarted when the moisture began :))

And now, (drum roll, please).................... For the moment you've all been waiting for.............. the recipient of the drawing for "First Breath of Spring" is...............................

                                                        Misty Thomas Embry!!!!!!

                                                               Congratulations :)))

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  1. When I heard the first raindrops yesterday morning, I thought of your art in the park plans and HOPED what I was hearing was coming from the south instead of your way. But it sounds like you and your friends treated it as an adventure that you will remember fondly, so all is not lost!
    wishing you many more art exhibits in the future,