Wednesday, June 21, 2017


14" x 18" oil on linen panel

Imagine abandoning your retirement plans - and all you’ve worked for -  to leave your family (yes, grandkids!) and friends to share Christ in a foreign community.  I know….right?  But that was, and is, their calling.  They - meaning friends from our church - are even learning a difficult new language!    Their work is challenging, and while God’s timetable hasn’t always aligned with theirs,  God is clearly working in their lives and their community.

This is a painting of Hunky, their beagle, who has been a faithful companion and a source of comfort for the past eight years.  His "mom and dad" are thankful for his unique, gentle personality, his love of people, and his devotion to his family.   (Hmmm - I wanna be like that, don’t you?)

While painting Hunky, I wondered about his days in the homeless shelter, and what led to his surrender? Had he been abused or deserted?   Was it due to his own misbehavior?  Had he hurt someone or chewed too much, barked too much, jumped too much, ate too much, cost too much?  And how did he feel when potential “furever home-givers” passed him by, only to choose one of his peers instead?  Yet, in my art class recently, he consistently elicited sweet “awwwws” from my fellow artist friends.

You see, Hunky is now a rescued dog - saved from a life of homelessness and hopelessness … a time when he maybe wasn’t quite so lovable……to a life of unconditional love.  When he was adopted into his new family, he had his share of “issues.”  He was quite overweight and soon developed other medical conditions that eventually required up to six medications.  Yet, in spite of his imperfections and what had happened in his past, they fully embraced him, loved him and met all his needs.   

What a picture of GRACE!

So what was it that lured my artist friends?  What made Hunky so special?   Was it the adoration in his eyes, the contentment on his face, or the love in his heart?  YES!  

Are you, or someone you know, living a life of hopelessness?

“For the Son of Man came to seek and save what was lost.”

Luke 19:10

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