Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Goose, Goose, Swan!!

11" X 14" Oil on Canvas Panel 
He was lurking in the wooded shadows near Monet's bridge behind the quaint, historic New Harmony Inn.  It was late afternoon - the day after our daughters wedding.   Though sensing his movements, it was hard to identify a shape.  I anxiously wondered what was hiding in that area of barren brush and freshly fallen leaves - likely a goose?   Yeah, probably a goose.

Suddenly I heard a big splash as he majestically propelled his graceful body out of the darkness into the light, swiftly gliding on to the glittering sunlit waters.  The brilliant light both illuminated and intensified his color. This was no goose, but a beautiful swan!  The contrast of his shadowed, yet now hued areas against his white body was stunning.   I moved toward my camera, knowing that no photograph would ever capture the lively reverberation of energy that was playing out before me.

While we can appreciate the valiant efforts of our human attempt to reiterate something, there are some things that just have be experienced.  

When we answer Gods call from darkness into His light, we not only begin to reflect the Son, but even our dark places of sin, shame, and bondage become colorfully enlightened ..... in a way that demonstrates His incomparable transforming power and gives hope to those still lost in the shadows!  

"..He called you out of darkness into His marvelous light..."
1 Peter 2:10 (ESV) 


  1. Gorgeous! Want it!

  2. A wonderful surprise and a beautiful painting.

  3. A wonderful surprise and a beautiful painting.

  4. Wow, Debi this swan is absolutely gorgeous! It is ethereally beautiful. You've done the colours so well!
    Have just had a quick scroll back through your recent paintings and they are all amazing. Will come back again soon to read through your posts at length. Hope all is going well!