Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Surprise, Surprise!

"Chance Meeting You Here!"
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Ever had one of those experiences that you know beyond know that you are in the right place at the right time – God-ordained at that moment?  Well, it happened to me – today.

Humbled.  Speechless and Humbled.   

I am totally blown away by our meeting – what seemed to be pure unadulterated chance.  From my end, blind-sided would be an appropriate description.  From the other persons – well, let’s just say she read something I wrote last night and this morning, she had wondered when she would see me again, only to look up and see me walk through her door (I was meeting someone else). 

Her need was unknowingly met by me - which so touched my heart - and my need by her.  Or, shall we say truthfully, God met our needs through each other.  Tears filled my eyes, as they did hers.  I love it when He loves us that way – caring so much that He actually hand-picks people and places in our lives at just the right time, so that we can’t miss Him.  Definitely a "God-thing".

I know you’re just itching to know what this is all about.  As in most situations, there are layers and layers of influence, so I couldn’t begin to describe the parameters of application, nor do I even know them all, so no point in details.  And what God has to say to either one of us, isn’t necessarily what He wants to say to you!  But, overflowing with thoughts and revelations, I do want to share my general take-aways, so here goes:

    1)  Always utilize the gifts God gave you, even when you think they’re minimal, going unheard, unnoticed, unworthy, unimportant, useless, etc. , or you’d rather have someone else’s.  And stop saying you didn’t get any gifts b/c I know you did – ‘tis biblical!  (For starters:  1 Peter 4:10 says "Each one should use whatever gift He has received to serve others ......")

   2)  Scripture tells us that God is with us always, but you never know when He might make a surprise “invisible visible” appearance!

   3)  God sometimes speaks through other people – and when He does, if you’re listening (oh so important to be listening), you know it!

   4)  Be careful what you say or do in His Name – you may just be told to practice what you preach (aka: read your own blog)  Uh....really?  OKAY!!!   (Thank you, Debbie!)

Be watching for your own "God-thing" experiences, or even moments!  I know you have them - please, please share - we'd love to hear!!!

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