Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Basket Kases"

No.  I'm absolutely not being mean.  They gave themselves that name!  April Biggerstaff and Charlene Bitter, that is.  I'm just kinda thinkin',.........well, you can take it up with them if ya really wanna know! 

Okay - truth is, they make gift baskets.  With all the awesome merchandise in their little shop.  "Talented" doesn't quite get it - these ladies just have a knack for making the ordinary special.  Very special! 

Blessed am I to have my artwork on display (and available for purchase) there.  I hadn't been in since I dropped off my inventory a few weeks ago.  My friend, Cindy, told me I really needed to see it - so, obediently, I stopped in.  Check out the beautiful presentation April created!!! Love it, love it, love it!  Don't you??  

Okay - so, it's not just about me.  But, y'all really should check it out.  (2009 Lincoln Avenue, Evansville, Indiana · Phone (812) 491- 9799.)  Their little shop packs a big punch from the street with their window display, only to be upstaged by the menagerie of unique gifts and original art inside.  AND, when in the market for gift giving, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS buy something for YOURSELF!

I know I said it's not about me, but my little 6" X 6" mini oil paintings are a great "one-of-a-kind" personal gift for Mother's Day - or for any other special event!  (FYI - real flowers, beautiful as they are, wither and are thrown in the trash within a week - oil lives forever!!!)  

And, if you don't mind, may I suggest a little "girlfriend" or "mother-daughter" excursion:
     1)  Browse Basket Kases.
     2)  Browse Barefoot Cottage, next door.
     3)  Cross Weinbach and visit UE's art gallery on the corner (Tell Mr. Brown I sent you!)
     4)  Go back across Weinbach and lunch at Coffee Cottage (chicken salad, cornbread  
           salad, salmon sliders - just a few ideas!) and say "hey" to Jill.    And if you have the  
           willpower to pass up the desserts ........
     4)  Step back around the corner and stop in Jeannie's Gelato for some superb "lite ice 
           cream".  (Or have lunch there in the 1st place - salmon soup, tomato bisque, paninis)
     5)  STOP BACK in BASKET KASES and make your purchase(s) - you know, those items
           you just haven't been able to get out of your mind over lunch :)


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